The Dispatch Library's old clip files

The Dispatch Libraryís old clip files

Stories published in the Dispatch were not computerized till July 1985. Prior to July of that year, the librarians would manually clip stories out with scissors and put them in envelopes based on a personís name or topic or a business and collate and organize them that way. We still use the clip files almost every day. I like getting my hands dirty in local history and looking at newspaper coverage of an event in time; itís like a little time capsule of how we used to be. I find it very rewarding to have these resources right at our fingertips.

The gift shop at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center

I knew [the Audubon Center] would be a nature center, but I didnít know they had a fantastic gift shop. One of the things I really liked there is this Song Bird Coffee, which saves habitats for migrating songbirds because itís grown in the shade.

The Indian girl picture I drew when I was a kid

I think I did it in first grade, I donít really remember. I hadnít seen it in decades. My mom had lovingly stored it and framed it and gave it to me on Motherís Day. Iím a very nostalgic person, extremely so, which is great that I have a job that pays me to look at old photos and clips. This is a perfect gift for me.

Kisselís Cherry Fennel jam

Anyone who likes that spicy fennel taste will enjoy this. I donít want to say itís a life-changing jam Ö but itís just really good and I wanted to tell everyone about it. I eat it on Ritz crackers ó Iím not a fancy foodie who buys specialized cheese or anything Ö but it makes you feel pretty exotic when you have this jam with some Ritz.

ďChoppedĒ on Food Network

I like watching ďChopped.Ē I admire the chefs working in such a competitive environment and under severe time restraints with the crazy items given to them in their baskets.