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Forty Days of Dating">

As an experiment, two good friends with opposite relationship problems dated for 40 days. Jessica is a hopeless romantic and Tim is a commitment-phobe. The blog chronicles each day of their relationship and it's quite the roller coaster. There's two sides to every story and this blog is a perfect example. Fun fact: Tim is from Ohio.

Graphic Designer Rachel Krueger">

An Ohio-based designer creates beautiful typography posters using quotes. My favorites are her collection of "Friends" quotes and the tiny book of Pixar quotes.

The Fear Project;">;

I have fears. You have fears. Everyone has fears. Ohio University professor Julie Elman transforms fears into works of art. Julie, who was my design professor at OU, started The Fear Project a few years ago as a way to overcome a creative rut and her own fears. She asks people about their fears and then creates elaborate illustrations expressing those fears. Her artwork is a source of inspiration (and therapy) for me and the fans of her Facebook page.

New "Harry Potter" cover illustrations

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the U.S release of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," Scholastic has conjured up new book covers for my favorite childhood series. These illustrative covers are the work of author and illustrator Kazu Kibuishi. The books will be available as paperbacks on Aug. 27 and when you line up the spines, a beautiful image of Hogwarts Castle is revealed! I see a new "Harry Potter" box set in my future.

LePen Pens

Purchased from Robert Mason Company, located inside Sugardaddy’s, 11 E. Gay St., Downtown

A LePen is the perfect pen. I have eight, and let's be honest, I'm probably going back to Robert Mason buy more.