Hannibal Buress

Can we start talking about him as one of the greatest living comedians? His dentist on “Broad City” makes me regret my career choice, he was super funny at last year’s Oddball Comedy Festival, his appearance on “High Maintenance” was one of the highlights of the web series’ excellent first season, and he jumpstarted the recent discussion of Bill Cosby being a possible serial rapist. That’s a helluva run.


The Union

Like a lot of music lovers who spent time in Athens, the news of a fire that hit this much-loved music venue was tough to take. Here’s hoping for a Phoenix story ahead.


June in July

I picked up a beautiful new (to me) purse at Craftin' Outlaws from June in July. The accessories are handcrafted from recycled leather. Mine used to be part of a leather coat!

Lauren K.

Northstar Hot Chocolate

Tastes like they melted a chocolate bar into whip cream. Goes great with falling snow, crackling fire and a good book. 


Being unaffected by hat-hair

One benefit of losing your hair is you no longer worry about winter hats messing it up.


The staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

The doctors and nurses at this hospital did a wonderful job in caring for my little one recently — and even gave her a big teddy bear to take home. Thank you all for your care and attention.


Black Label Jameson

My mom only shares her stash on special occasions, like Fakes-giving.



This app syncs all of my notes across all of my devices, even my mobile ones. Genius.