Outtake photos that didn't make the cover

When I first called Krista and Nathan about the shoot and what they wanted to do, they were pretty vague about a plan they had to make a little awkward family photo tableau. I've known them both for a few years and know how much effort they put into their band, so I had no concerns and some high hopes. They did not disappoint. Krista and Nathan brought all the props, already styled, and ready to go. They even made the window in the background of the cover image. We rigged it to the ceiling with yarn and gaff tape. Then they busted out the pie and the fake blood. What resulted is one of my favorite images from this series. As with all our shoots, we take lots of different photos so that we have more options when we go to print. So we started doing a few classic awkward family photo poses, including the one with Krista, Nathan and the wolf mask looks up at the wolf. But the photo of Krista ghosted inside the wolf never stops being funny. For more on why Alive picked Damn the Witch Siren as a band to watch this year, head over to ourfeature story on the group. To RSVP to our free local music showcase, headhere.