Opening a brewpub is now as common as finding a dude in skinny jeans, but North High Brewing is an actual standout.

Opening a brewpub is now as common as finding a dude in skinny jeans, but North High Brewing is an actual standout. They're on the up-and-up as well, with a successful bar and a brewing facility that has allowed them to expand their menu immensely. Not to mention that the two proprietors behind North High, Tim Ward and Gavin Meyers, are big jokesters. Case in point: Instead of doing a straightforward interview for this week's Things We Love, they wanted to individually talk about things the other loves, without him knowing. Unsurprisingly, the one thing they both loved was craft beer. – Mat Lovett

Things Tim loves, as told by Gavin

Hot sauce

He'll go Sriracha. He'll go Frank's. He'll go Tabasco. He'll go homemade … There's not a single food I've seen him eat that he won't put hot sauce on.

Vampire Weekend

He's a huge fan of Vampire Weekend. He has all of their official and all of their bootleg recordings. He sees an average of a dozen of their shows a year.

Racing his Honda S2000

It actually is a daily driver, but it's set up also for the track he races up in Mid-Ohio [Sports Car Course]. It's a badass [Honda] S2000. He was an engineer at Honda in his past life, so he totally tricked out this [car]. This thing is f---ing sick. S2000s I'm not typically a fan of, but his will take your breath away. He's making like 450 horsepower in this thing, and it weighs like 2800 pounds.

Things Gavin loves, as told by Tim

Jack White

Any band that involves Jack White, Gavin likes. It's funny, we use the Sonos [music streaming] system, so you can come in the brewery a day after Gavin was in there on a Saturday or Sunday and look at the playlist and see that he was in there because it was either White Stripes or Jack White, or now Royal Blood is his new favorite.

His motorcyle

He likes motorcycles, so that's kind of how he gets his adrenaline rush… He has this ridiculous bike that he's taken up to Mid-Ohio once or twice since he's gotten it. He does a track day, does the GoPro thing. It's pretty cool. It's an Aprilia-something - that's all I know. It's an Italian crazy sports bike. I'm surprised his wife let's him have it. I thought it was going to have a 'For Sale' sign on it when the baby came.

All together now

Craft beer

Obviously we both have a love for beer. It's why we do what we do. Without the passion we both have, we wouldn't be successful. Where Gavin prefers to drink it and talk about it, I love to make it and know the science about it, and then drink it and then talk about it… It's why we're in this business together. (Tim Ward)