Sometimes, things just don't work out. But I consider myself pretty lucky to have remained great friends with so many awesome and supportive exes - and I'm even thankful for the other ones. At least I learned something. - Brad Keefe

Year-end lists

I love year-end lists, so thought I'd throw one more in here. These were the five best TV shows I watched in 2015 (keeping in mind I don't have Netflix/Amazon Prime so apologies "Master of None," "Transparent" and so on). 5) "Better Call Saul" 4) "The Americans" 3) "Review" 2) "The Americans" 1) "The Leftovers" - Andy Downing

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

When I was a kid, my brother and I destroyed our VHS copies of the original trilogies. We would watch one of the movies, then rewind and watch it all over again. "The Force Awakens" was a wonderful mix of nostalgia and new, exciting storylines. I felt my kid self awakened. I just wanted to hit rewind and watch it all over again. - Alyse Kordenbrock


Tigertree's newish all-kiddo store will make you want to give gifts to some lucky tiny person in your life, like a $36 mermaid/man-inspired sleep sack or a copy of "The Little Kitten," a straight-up classic from 1983 about the adventures of a kitten named Pickle. Bonus points for an abundance of gender-neutral duds. - Kristen Schmidt

Magnolia wreathes

They are everywhere in Charleston, S.C., where I just returned from burning some end-of-year PTO. Wanting to recreate the look, I was lucky to find sprigs of magnolia and eucalyptus in the Kroger floral section. They're bright, fragrant and smart for the holidays. - Lauren Reinhard

A green Christmas

I think getting up the morning of the 25th with snow falling and on the ground adds to the sentiment of the season as much as the next person. But when you're traveling over the holidays, I'll take 60 and rainy over snowy and possibly icy, thank you. - Jim Fischer