Artist Tim Rietenbach took the opportunity of his first commercial gallery exhibition to poke a little fun at himself, titling the exhibition Sold Out.

Rietenbach, a veteran Columbus installation artist working in a variety of media and a professor of fine arts at CCAD, finds himself finally dipping his toes in the commercial gallery waters in large part courtesy Angela Meleca, who has proven to be at ease with pushing boundaries in programming for her gallery, which opened just more than two years ago.

The latest boundary Meleca has pushed is within the gallery space itself, recently removing a back wall that broke the space up in the interest of opening up the gallery to accommodate the scale of the exhibitions she is hosting.

"We've so far outgrown where we were when we opened," she said. "I didn't want the shows to be compromised."

The renovation was done around the holidays and in time for Sold Out, which will remain on view at the gallery through Feb. 27.

"I'm thrilled, and I think future artists will be as well," Rietenbach said of the renovated gallery.

Sold Out, besides being a title full of double meanings, features art created over the past several months specifically for this exhibition.

"It's built around the theme of power," Rietenbach said. "Everything is distinctly different in terms of material and approach, but each one presents a different idea about power."

Varieties of power represented in the exhibition, Rietenbach said, include social, political, military and temporal.

"The pieces are all literal versions of an abstraction," Rietenbach said.

Military spending, the lottery, Facebook, Donald Trump and Robert Greene's book "48 Laws of Power" are each addressed.

Sold Out features some sculpture and installation, but leans heavily toward two-dimensional work, to take advantage of the gallery's generous wall space, Rietenbach said.