I had a meeting and a video shoot this morning, so links will be short today.

Our Melissa Starker writes in tomorrow's paper that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is primed to break out with The Lookout. Here's an interview with him.

Stereogum presents Revenge of the (Music) Nerds.

Also, the White Stripes offer up a puzzle.

The Pitchfork Music Festival and this are happening the same weekend, representing polar opposites on the ironic self-awareness scale.

I enjoyed this Molly Willow look at which TV shows will probably be getting the guillotine this spring.

Jason Alexander has signed on for a cop comedy on ABC.

Slate asks "Who said the CD is dead?"

This haircut is enough to make me care about American Idol.

Here's an interview with Michael Emerson (aka creepy Ben) from Lost.

And lastly, of course: Lost theorizing.