Two Cow Garage may well end up being my weekend pick a month or two from now when they unveil new album III to the Columbus masses, but I might as well hype them now, too, when I'm still basking in their post-South by Southwest glow.

The band has expanded over time to include manager Chris Flint on second guitar and keyboard player whose name I didn't catch. But even if Micah Schnabel, Shane Sweeney and Dustin Harigle show up to Andyman's Treehouse tonight as a power trio, they're sure to rock with more fire than anybody else in town. As I wrote last week, the band's set during SXSW was one of the highlights, even if it wasn't officially affiliated with the festival. These songs were loud and strong, powered by Harigle's battering-ram drums and power chords so big they rang out to San Antonio. Confined to the tiny performance space at Andyman's, they might cause a sonic boom.

No other rockers in town are quite so together as these three, the product of ceaseless touring, and it's a shame that they're appreciated more in Austin than in their hometown. Go check them out tonight, and don't miss opening act Todd May. Andyman's Treehouse is located at 887 Chambers Road in Grandview--check the bar's website for directions.