Well, say goodbye to Greg Oden. No big shocker there. His peeps Mike Conley and Daequan Cook might be out too. It was nice while it lasted.

A Spider-Man musical is coming, with music from Bono and The Edge and direction from Julie Taymor. Also, could we stop talking about Spider-Man 4 at least until No. 3 comes out?

The Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead crew chatted with A.V. Club.

Turns out many celebrities get caught carrying guns onto planes.

Saul Williams wrote an open letter to Oprah regarding her forum on hip-hop and its effect on young people.

From LHB: Here is a Spoon interview for you.

And the Top 10 Epic Songs.

Let's turn it over to Pop Candy, which has some sweet links today:

E! has video interviews with Locke and Sawyer from Lost.

Michael Ian Black is getting his own show on Comedy Central. Let's hope it lasts longer than Stella.

Brad Pitt is doing a Coen Brothers movie with his buddy George Clooney.

My Name is Earl is doing a scratch-'n'-sniff episode.

And lastly, I don't want to believe it, but Alec Baldwin is a jerk.