Hola, all. Animal Collective was transcendent last night at the Wexner Center. I'll have a review sometime soon, but for now, this video will get across the idea pretty well.

It's Brian Eno's birthday. Stylus' Nick Southall celebrates with a look at Eno's "Oblique Strategies".

Also, the new Wilco album Sky Blue Sky is out today. My review is going up shortly. For now, read this interview with Jeff Tweedy by Wilco expert Greg Kot.

This is the best summation I've found so far about why Spider-Man 3 sucks.

Jason Woliner, director of Human Giant, is interviewed here.

All right! A new Go Team song! And here's some of that new instrumental Beastie Boys stuff. And a new Spoon song for good measure, and wow is it different and awesome. Seems like somebody's taken a lesson from LCD Soundsystem.

A TV show called The Singing Bee? We're all doomed.

Speaking of TV, Heroes and 24 inched closer to next week's season finales last night, and if you're hopelessly behind like me, you can catch up on both shows online.

A little more Heroes: Here's a Masi Oka interview, and here's news that NBC will be continuing major online extras next season. They're doing it for The Office too, but I'm not sure "working" for Dunder-Mifflin sounds like fun, quote marks or no quote marks.

Today is ABC's day at the Upfronts. E! reports.

Have you heard about "The O.J. Simpsons"? Here's the dirt on the controversy, and here are the clips in question.

Finally, EW's Michael Slezak asks "The crucial Lost question nobody's asking." Although I think a lot of folks are asking it.