Gotta bang this one out quick today; there's a morning meeting in my rearview and a trip to delicious Danny's Deli on the horizon.

So... Greg Oden has a blog. Thanks to Matt Bailey for pointing that out.

Welcome to this world, Bryce Maximus James. Perhaps you can inspire the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history.

I've linked to a few Richard Thompson stories in recent months. He's playing Sunday at the Capitol Theatre, and The AV Club ran an interview with him today.

For those of us hurting for Lost news, here's something. Warning, if you're one of the five people still trying to avoid knowing about the Sopranos finale (John Ross): This story mentions vaguely how that series ended.

Heard about Flight of the Conchords, HBO's new musical comedy series out of New Zealand? EW has a Q&A with them, and the network has been streaming the pilot for a while now.

To continue yesterday's Pitchfork thread, here's a fun prank pulled off by a guy from the band Ohtis. (via Stereogum)

Stylus looks at the Top Ten Musical Moments From Film.

Tiny Mix Tapes has an interview with John Vanderslice.

Finally, you can listen to much of the new Spoon album here. The whole album will be up by tomorrow.