So it seems Dave Weissman, who dominated our air guitar contest a couple months back, won the Columbus heat of the US Air Guitar Championship and is headed to the national finals August 16 in New York. Here's video of him shredding at The Basement in last week's competition.

New Radiohead music leaked, sort of.

EW published a list of the 25 Greatest Action Movies, which is sure to drum up a bit of controversy.

The Crew is moving its training center out of Obetz.

On that tip, Slate says the US soccer team has a uniform crisis.

The White Stripes, however, have no uniform crisis. Icky Thump comes out today, and Jack White spoke to AV Club about it.

The Guardian commissioned a group of famous musicians to put together a list of supposedly great records they think are overrated. (via Stereogum)

Oooh, here's one I can sink my teeth in: The Connecticut Post examines the connection between Lost characters and pop music. (via LHB)

Apparently Spin has a book club, and this month's entry is Cat's Cradle.

Hall and Oates have gotten a major popularity boost among youngsters in the last few years. But even though I loved that Phoenix album last year, appreciation for Darryl and John has mostly escaped me. This Idiot's Guide might help me. (via Idolator)

Check out the new anti-pot ads.

Finally, RIP Punk Planet. Status Ain't Hood has a tribute.