My colleague John Ross has been complaining about the brevity of the links this week. The reason is simple: Not that much around the Web has caught my eye, at least not enough to merit inclusion in these hallowed pages. Perhaps I've just become more discriminating with my selections.

That said, OMG Lindsay Lohan lesbian love letters!!!!!!!!!!

Patton Oswalt is suddenly everywhere, so why not here too?

BrooklynVegan had fans interview Les Savy Fav, who have a %#$&ing great new song out.

Pop Candy wants to know: What's your favorite band T-shirt?

She also linked to this poker forum where Steve Albini has been answering people's questions.

The big blog buzz of the day is Stereogum's OK Computer 10-year anniversary tribute, OK X. They got 12 of their favorite acts, including John Vanderslice, The Twilight Sad and My Brightest Diamond, to cover the dozen tracks from Radiohead's masterpiece. Each song comes with liner notes too. Download it soon because they are keeping the links live for a limited time. I haven't gotten to listen yet, but this seems to be better received than your average (worthless) tribute comp, so give it a shot.

Claire Danes is making her broadway debut. Meanwhile, Suburbs reviews the first season of My So-Called Life.

Did you know Madonna collaborated with Gogol Bordello at Live Earth?

LHB leads us to Vanity Fair's top 10 Simpsons episodes and Cracked's list of 11 movies saved by historical inaccuracy.

Finally, Paste profiles St. Vincent, who, according to about 517 music blogs, we should all be paying attention to.