I consider myself fortunate to live in one of the only Columbus neighborhoods with a neighborhood movie theater. Studio 35 Cinema is celebrating its 70th birthday next year -- it opened on February 8, 1938, with the Katharine Hepburn/Ginger Rogers comedy "Stage Door" -- and the theater still boasts the kind of classic charm it did seven decades ago (check out Frank Gabrenya's Dispatch story).

I'm lucky that I can walk to Studio 35 (there's no parking lot, so many of the regulars hoof it). Lucky too because I can stumble home at the end of a double feature (Studio 35 also has a great beer selection). But mostly I'm lucky because I get to soak up the quirky and comforting local atmosphere whenever I want, which is often.

Thanks to recent upgrades to the projection, sound and seating, movie-watching there is pretty competitive with newer multiplexes (you used to have to endure Studio 35's old-fashionedness as part of the charm). But anyway, going to Studio is much more about hanging out and enjoying yourself than it is about watching any particular flick. It's like a great local bar that just happens to have a huge movie screen.

Did I mention pizza? Tasty pie is delivered from Clintonville Pizza next door -- it's just about the best movie theater munchie I could hope for.

Local filmmaker Tim Baldwin plans to celebrate Studio 35's birthday with a short documentary about its history, including customers' memories of the cinema. If you've got a story, photos or other memorabilia you'd like to share, e-mail Tim at timmyb28 @hotmail.com

Studio 35 Cinema 3055 Indianola Ave., Clintonville 614-261-1581 Web: studio35.com