Earlier I mentioned the MLS Represent program, in which MLS teams get theme songs written for them by famous musicians from their towns. From the press release, I thought Columbus wouldn't be getting a song because the Crew didn't make the playoffs last year, but it turns out the part of the press release about "playoff teams" was misleading. The Black and Gold has a song after all, and it isn't by O.A.R. as I feared.

As it turns out, RJD2 and Blueprint did a song called "It's Your Crew" that's, well, about as lame as you might expect such a song to be. I'm feeling RJ's Third Hand-style hook and production, but 'Print's rhymes, not so much. And that Jock Jam chant that starts and finishes the track is utterly cheesy.

On the plus side, if this is going to cross-pollinate a few RJ fans to the Crew and vice versa, I can't hate on it too hard. Listen for yourself here.