This weekend isn't as massive for concertgoing as some have been recently, but it still has its share of quality tuneage.

The most exciting happenings are at Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., where hard rock and metal dominate the Friday and Saturday schedule. Tonight Manup Records' Colossus, The Slide Machine and Dirty Johnny and the Makebelieves are joined by somebody called Hell's Information that I'm not too familiar with. And Colossus is this metal behemoth that I'm going to need to listen to more before passing judgment. The Slide Machine and the Makebelieves rock, though. (Oh, just checked the Colossus MySpace--yep, they rock. The great thing about metal bands of their ilk is that even if you aren't up for that kind of music all the time, they're always ready to rock you when you feel like it.)

Tomorrow the heaviness continues with a rare local performance from oft-touring Mouth of the Architect, joined by the epic instrumentals of Brainbow and the hell-plunging metal of Teeth of the Hydra.

My only other recommendation comes for tonight, when a lot of big-name or up-and-coming hip-hop acts are throwing down at High Five, 1227 N. High St., including (but not limited to) Searius Add, Young Wise, Intalekt and Bottom Brick.

See y'all next week.