I've been getting sucked into Mad Men over the past few days. I'm still not caught up, but I have to recommend tonight's episode (10 p.m., AMC) nonetheless. By the way, it's getting picked up for a second season (huzzah!).

Also on the tube is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which didn't totally deliver with last week's pair of episodes, but still has me anxiously awaiting the gang's next self-absorbed exploits. Tune in to FX at 10 p.m. (as long as you're recording Mad Men simultaneously.)

And if you insist on watching Survivor, that premieres tonight at 8 on CBS.

But what about live music? Yes, there are many options once more. For example, Andyman's Treehouse, 887 Chambers Road, offers the scruffy sounds of The Kyle Sowashes, the slick indie pop of Paper Airplane and the "post rock for the rest of us" of The Kessel Run. That, my friends, is a solid lineup. (Though I should admit for full disclosure's sake that I've played in bands with members of the Kessel Run and have been known to fill in on bass for the Sowashes now and again.)

The ladies of Rosehips are playing too, over at Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St. Joining them are fellow locals Jellyhearts, Cincinnati's Eat Sugar and Dayton's Superbeams. Should be sweet.

And for an unusual spin on this column, perhaps you'll want to check out some live theater? Beginning tonight and running through October 6, Available Light presents The Thugs. Thursdays are "pay what you can" days, which means what it says: You set your own door charge. It's going down at Columbus Dance Theatre, 592 E. Main St. Go here for more info and check out this trailer: