I hate to link to the same blog every day, but Intensities In Ten Suburbs has gotten it right yet again with its nod to "unexpectedly hit by a bus" scenes in recent film and TV.

Speaking of blogs I link to too much: At Status Ain't Hood, Tom Breihan and Rob Harvilla (Ohio represent!) argue over that New Yorker story about indie rock's gradual removal of black influence.

Gawker asks "What do celebrities blog about?"

Wait, Matchbox 20's greatest hits album is called Exile on Mainstream? That's actually kind of funny. Also, it's being released on a jump drive.

In honor of 30 Days of Night, Premiere has a tribute to Hollywood vampires.

They also have a behind-the-scenes of I'm Not There, the unconventional new Bob Dylan biopic.

I love No Age, so I'm definitely curious about what makes them tick.

With the finale coming tonight, TV Guide explains why they love Mad Men.

E! has an interview with Gossip Girl's Penn Badgely (aka the new, less interesting Seth Cohen).

Another new Lost cast member.

MTV is streaming the new solo album from System of a Down's Serj Tankian.

It can't bode well for your murder trial when your name is C-Murder.

Jimmy Kimmel has been banned from Monday Night Football.

Finally, yes, Stephen Colbert really is running for president.