Let's begin with AV Club's interview with Tracy Morgan. They've also got a Random Roles feature with his 30 Rock costar Judah Friedlander.

Slate offers a playoffs primer for baseball-illiterate bandwagon jumpers like myself.

Pitchfork provided a bevy of big music news when I checked it last night, so why not relay these tidbits:

•Jay-Z revealed the American Gangster tracklist. I love these short rap albums! Hopefully this one will be as good as Clipse and Kanye.

•The music Andy Samberg used for his hilarious SNL Digital Short "I Ran So Far," a sample from Aphex Twin's "Avril 14th," was not cleared.

•However, Wu-Tang Clan got clearance for the first legal Beatles sample for a track on the upcoming Wu album 8 Diagrams. The sample? "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," to be used in a pseudo cover called "Gently Weeps." Oh, by the way, RZA and GZA are appearing at a hip-hop chess tournament? Awesome.

Also, the Wu album is coming out Dec. 4, the same day as the full-length from much-hyped NYC rapper Saigon.

Obviously it's one of those hip-hop days around here, so let's keep going with Billboard's David Banner interview.

Plus this: Nah Right has a new T.I. video and a radio rip of a new Eminem track.

After their OK Computer tribute earlier this year, Stereogum has put together a similar project in honor of R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People.

This can't be serious: Bill Clinton thinks we need more Jack Bauer-like agents.

Arcade Fire is giving some sort of online gift on Saturday, the day after they play our fair city.

My main man Stephen Malkmus has a new album coming out in March.

Huge news: Hulk Hogan reportedly will host a remake of American Gladiators.

Lost producers offered some spoilers to Sci-Fi Wire, but they aren't really spoilers. They do clear up some little bit about Walt and Jacob, though.

Finally, to bring this full circle: Hip-hop cops—a myth, or an elite force as real as the Black Crusaders?