Tonight's best show is a huge garage/punk get-together at Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St. Columbus' punk kings The Feelers will be joined by Cheap Time (who I'm loving based on their MySpace songs) and Mannequin Men, a favorite of Columbus expatriot Eric Davidson's. 9:30 p.m. doors, though probably won't start til 11, with a $5 cover to boot.

Exciting programming note No. 1: Alec Baldwin (above) returns to Inside the Actor's Studio tonight at 8 on Bravo. With any luck, they'll spend a large amount of time discussing his turn as Jack Donaghy (whose cousin Tim fixes NBA games) on 30 Rock.

Exciting programming note No. 2: The gorgeous, amazing Kristen Bell makes her first appearance on Heroes (9 p.m., NBC), but as EW points out, she can't be expected to carry a horribly repetetive season of the sci-fi adventure on her back. I like Heroes, but it warms my heart to see it suffering so much after so many people absurdly compared it to Lost, a show that outclasses this one in practically every way. That said, last season started off slow as well, so I'll give this one more time.

Exciting (or, actually, weird) programming note No. 3: At 11:15 p.m., TBS is premiering a two-minute (seriously) series called lovebites, which follows a dotcom journalist.