The first marquee show of Rocktober features Bat for Lashes at The Basement, 391 Neil Ave. The Brighton band, fronted by British-Pakistani songstress Natasha Khan, is surprisingly well-described in its Wikipedia entry: "Bat for Lashes' music has been likened to the work of Björk, Thom Yorke, Cat Power, Tori Amos, and Kate Bush." Score one for Wikipedia! Imagine if those ladies had collaborated with Yorke on his solo album The Eraser, and you're getting close to what Fur and Gold sounds like. Doors are at 7 p.m., cost is $10 and Lewis and Clarke open the show.

As for TV, there are a few new shows premiering tonight (Celebrity Expose, Girlfriends) but nothing that captures my attention. Why not turn to tried and true favorites like Heroes (9 p.m., NBC), Weeds (10 p.m., Showtime) and Everybody Hates Chris (8 p.m., CW)?

The latter, by the way, features creator and narrator Chris Rock on screen for the first time tonight as a pissed-off guidance counselor. And by the way, I should mention that I've never seen this show, but all reports suggest it is hilarious and should not be slept on.

The NBC shows that bookend Heroes—Chuck and Journeyman—are still on too, for now. I can't recommend them, though, because I'm not too high on Chuck, and I haven't given Journeyman a shot because it seemed like one of those "doomed to cancellation" shows. Both shows, plus many more, are available to watch for free at

Also worth noting: Showtime's free preview lasts through tonight, so Weeds (and Californication, 10:30 p.m.; and Dexter, 11 p.m.) is available for everyone with cable. Enjoy it while you can!