As much as I like Reaper (9 p.m., CW), tonight's best entertainment options are in the city's largest rock clubs.

Ted Leo/Pharmacists headline CD101's Lough Dough Show at LC Pavilion. $5 is a steal to see Leo, one of the great indie rock success stories of our time (even if his latest album is pretty weakódon't believe the hype!). Just last year he was playing the same venue as the opening act for Death Cab; my, how he's grown. The A-Sides open, probably about an hour after the 7 p.m. door time.

Across town at Newport Music Hall, punk legends Bad Religion make their first Columbus appearance in long while with Gallows and The Briggs in tow. Tickets are $25 and doors open at 7 p.m. Check out John Ross' preview of the show here.

I, for one, am going down to Athens (they've got their own little Rocktober down there) to see Man Man.

If you don't go to one of those shows or check out Reaper, at least don't watch A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, OK?