It struck me this week that “Amazing Race 12” is remarkably similar to Nos. 1 through 11. The players and places change, but the game remains the same. Unlike other long-running reality competitions (I’m looking at you, “Survivor”), “Amazing Race” hasn’t had to reinvent itself each season to stay fresh.

Do not underestimate the goths. They may be pasty and skinny, but they’re fast and strong. Kynt is like a wily jackrabbit in a ripped fuchsia T-shirt. (They’re also not afraid of replacing vowels with an extraneous “y”). I’m already placing Kynt and Vyksin in my final four.

Plus, they have a sense of humor about their shtick. “When you play ‘Amazing Race,’ 99 percent of the time you’re in the dark,” Kynt said this week. Added Vyksin, “Usually, of course, the dark is Kynt and my favorite place to dwell.”

This week: Ireland to Amsterdam

Biggest obstacle: Slow-typing ticket agent at Irish airport

Too bad one of the Detours didn’t swing by a spa: Rachel’s crazy hippie hair is pretty gross. Her pate is topped by wild, unkempt mounds of dreadlocks.

Boy, you said it: “We are religious people, but we have no illusions that God wants us to win the race.” --Kate

My eyes is burning: This week’s searing vision that will haunt my dreams for months: Grandpa Donald taking off his clothes for some naked mud pole-vaulting. At least he kept his dirty Jockeys on.

Bu-Bye: Married ministers Kate & Pat, we’ll miss you. You played with dignity. Maybe that’s why you lost.