Just when we were betting that Ron would be the first racer to undergo a major meltdown, he was slowed down -- and significantly subdued -- by a hernia suffered while riding a bike at the end of episode 2.

In the first episode of “Amazing Race 12,” Christina said she wanted to race with her dad Ron so she could get to know him better. It's probably a good thing he wasn't around much during her childhood -- they sure can't get along. (One wag told me he was waiting for Christina to ditch Ron, leaving him alone along the race somewhere.) But the pain in the groin has calmed Ron some. We’ll see if it affects his ability to keep up the pace.

Speaking of meltdowns, Lorena had a total freak out while trying to milk a camel. (It did look tough, though those baby camels sure are cute.) Can she stick it out? We’re betting on an early departure.

This week: Holland to Burkina Faso

Biggest obstacle: Pronouncing “Ouagadougou”

Hair today, pink tomorrow: Did Vyxsin find time to dye her hair again? Her fuchsia locks seem even brighter this week.

Boy, you said it: “They’re hot, there’s no doubt about it. They’re feisty, they’re hot. A little bitchy, but not bad. A guy could learn to live with it.” --Grandpa Donald, describing sisters Marianna and Julia as only a creepy old man can

Killed by kindness: The camel-milking was the trickiest Roadblock to date, really slowing down three or four teams. But just as Marianna and Julia completed the task (second-to-last), they inadvertently gave a huge boost to last-place team Lorena and Jason. As the sisters were leaving the Roadblock, Julia told Lorena to milk a camel with a baby next to it. The helpful advice cost them. Lorena and Jason caught up, and Marianna and Julia were eliminated.

Bu-Bye: Marianna and Julia, Grandpa Donald sure is gonna miss your feistiness.