Yesterday was supposedly Cyber Monday -- the day everyone returns to work after the long holiday weekend and immediately begins Christmas shopping at their desks.

Itís the kind of story reporters love -- an easy-to-digest economic trend, with just a hint of naughtiness: Are you online-shopping at work, wink wink? Well donít worry, everyone does it! Ha ha!

In fact, a quick Google News search found 4,095 articles hyping ďCyber MondayĒ in the last week.

The only problem is, everybody isnít shopping online on that day. Some of us actually have to work. According to a survey conducted by the staffing service Accountemps, 79% of professionals polled said they will not shop online from work this holiday season.

So where did the notion of Cyber Monday come from? According to the awesome myth-debunkers at, it was created as a marketing gimmick by, a trade association for online retailers.

Snopes reports that Cyber Monday actually ranks as about the 12th-busiest day for online shopping. The real busiest day usually falls on a Monday or Tuesday the week before the week in which Christmas falls; last year, it was December 13, and in 2005 it was December 12.

So donít feel bad if you spent yesterday working.