Let's start with a fun fact: Did you know albums are certified platinum when 1,000,000 copies ship to stores, not when 1,000,000 are sold? That's why gray-haired idol Taylor Hicks is listed at platinum even though he has only sold 697,000 copies. He's only selling a couple hundred copies a week at this point, so it will be a long time before he actually hits a million. Other Idol sales figures are listed at USA Today.

Justin Timberlake is getting his own golf tournament.

Animal Planet strapped a camera to the back of a bird and got some great video out of it. Be sure to view the "aerial dogfight" clip.

FX has renewed Damages for not one but two more seasons.

George Will thinks American Gangster is more moral than The Godfather. I agree with PopWatch that this is pretty ridiculous.

Those forgotten lads the Futureheads have a new song out.

I enjoyed this collection of rap lyrics represented in mathematical charts and graphs. (via Stereogum)

Daily strike updates:

•The WGA can't be happy that some soap opera writers are crossing the picket lines to save their jobs.

•At Intensities In Ten Suburbs, Andrew Unterberger lists five reasons he doesn't care that much about the strike. He's mostly right, except if episodes of Lost get delayed, I'll consider it a national tragedy.

•Speaking of which, the first Lost minisode is up. They will air once a week for the next 13 weeks, leading up to the probable kickoff of Season 4.

•E!'s Watch With Kristin has a strike edition of its spoiler chat.

•TV Tattle has a bunch of strike stuff that I don't have time to sift through right now.

Lastly, check out this video statement from a bathrobe-clad T.I., under house arrest: