Howdy, folks! This will be the last edition of links until next week. I'm hoping to have some content up on Friday, but I make no promises. Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

The New Republic details the decline of the modern protest song.

Pitchfork's Poptimist draws a link between Twin Peaks and Britney Spears.

New evidence suggests Suge Knight could be sued for Biggie's death.

In other hip-hop legal news, T.I. might not be as down-and-out as previously suspected.

PopWatch talks hair with Hitman's Timothy Olyphant and presents the best and worst hair in TV and film.

Another Clipse interview is here.

The NFL Network is trying its damnedest to get on major cable systems. Hopefully they can do so by the time the Packers-Cowboys game rolls around.

A very strange renegade broadcast unlike any other hit the airwaves 20 years ago. Damn Interesting has a full explanation of the Max Headroom broadcast.

The Mars Volta is getting its own video game.

The Mountain Goats have a new album coming out.

Golden Fiddle asked David Cross and Demetri Martin to listen to some celebrities' vanity musical projects without knowing who did what.

David Hasselhoff may appear in NBC's Knight Rider remake.

Editor & Publisher explains how The Wire got The Baltimore Sun to lend its name for the upcoming fifth and final season.

New York Magazine has a feature on murdered former Ramones manager Linda Stein.

Brooklyn Vegan has assembled an early Christmas mix.

Lastly, here is a new video for Okkervil River's "A Girl In Port":