List season is kicking into gear! Paste published its top 100 albums list, but it isn't available on their site as far as I can tell. Fortunately, Stereogum has it. Largehearted Boy is rounding up the rest of them as they appear, and I'll link to the ones that suit my fancy.

Pitchfork has an interview with John Fogerty. Did you know his new album is called Revival and has a song called "Creedence Song"? And that the record is actually good? (So says they.)

AV Club has an interview with John Cusack.

Nas' controversially titled new album will now come out during Black History Month, presumably to maximize manufactured outrage.

I can see this song becoming a huge hit.

Last Call With Carson Daly is the first late-night show to resume during the writers' strike. Still no resolution on that, by the way.

Have I linked to Tapedeck before? Well, Idolator reminded me about it, so I'm gonna bring up the cassette fetish site one more time. has been redesigned and now looks like

Speaking of TV Guide, they have a long interview with Josh Schwartz in honor of The OC's complete series box set. It also touches on Chuck and Gossip Girl. Warning: It's kind of gushy.

Slate has a feature on YouTube street fights.

If this really was the Coachella lineup, I might have to head out West. Unfortunately, it's fake.

Not that this is a surprise, but Barack Obama loves The Wire.

Speaking of The Wire, Food Court Lunch recasts the show with sports celebrities. The KG/Lt.Daniels thing makes a lot of sense.

After 66 years, Wonder Woman comics have a full-time female writer on staff.

The New York Times breaks down the Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band fued.

Lastly, here's a new video called "100 Million" featuring a lot of famous rappers. (More of them pop up throughout the video. By the end, we get Weezy F. Baby.)