This is going to be highly abbreviated, but it should be good. First, some news that's even more exciting than Lil Wayne coming to town:

According to The Daily Swarm, in an interview to be posted to on Monday, Kevin Shields announces that My Bloody Valentine is preparing a new album that could see release before the end of the year. And hopefully that means they'll be touring too?

Thurston Moore loves Clipse's "Momma I'm So Sorry" (me too!) and many other things. He told Pitchfork about it.

You can officially download the new Cam'ron mixtape for free here, but you have to enter your name and e-mail address. I skimmed through it last night and found it to be hot sh*t.

AV Club interviews Richard Lester, director of A Hard Day's Night and Help!

ABC will begin posting short Lost "mobisodes" online on Monday. These are not deleted scenes, but newly filmed material that fits into the saga in some way.

24's premiere has been postponed by the writers' strike.

Thanks to Mountain Dew, Forest Whitaker is creating a "mythic universe." Confused? Read more.

Lindsay Lohan could be appearing on Ugly Betty. I don't care about either one of those things separately, but somehow I think I'd like to watch when they come together.

Finally, three strike tidbits and a video:

•Nikki Finke offers potential solutions for the writers' strike.

•Bill Clinton wants to help solve it too.

•Best Week Ever made a fake PSA about what TV will be like without the writers. (This is a must-watch for fans of Lost, The Office and Grey's Anatomy.)

And here's a video from the staff of The Office about why they're striking: