The Big Game is still two days away, but its probably not too early to start making pizza plans.

Our friends at Donatos tell us the OSU-Michigan game accounts for their single-biggest day of pizza sales, even surpassing the Super Bowl. To mark the occasion, the locally based pie-slinger is, uh, maybe taking things a little too far: Donatos has removed the letter M from all its stores, crossing off the offending character on menus and signs and encouraging patrons to order without saying M. So good luck ordering a medium with mozzarella and mushrooms. (Remember, this is the place that will bake your pepperoni in a Block O shape if you want.)

My personal pizza recipe for busy holidays and game days: Take and bake. (Im a big fan of Mama Mimis in Clintonville.) You can order in advance, even a day ahead, so youre not queuing up at halftime with every other hungry fan in the city; then you can bake the pie yourself whenever youre ready.