The Hollywood writers officially went on strike at 12:01 a.m., despite a day of huge concessions from both sides Sunday.

Apparently, the studio heads were furious that the writers decided to walk out at midnight instead of postponing the strike to continue negotiations on a day that had seen "real progress," according to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily, the best source for strike updates.

Here are some more strike reports and commentary, mostly swiped from The Watcher: •WGA (Writers Guild of America) •Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers •Variety (especially good: This feature on how hyphenates like writer-actors and writer-producers will deal with the strike.) •CNN (video) •The Los Angeles Times (good Tina Fey interview included) •Great chart from the LA Times about how specific shows will be affected •Mark Evanier on living through the last strike •The Artful Writer (writer/director Craig Mazin) •EW •PopWatch •The Hollywood Reporter •E! (This bodes well for Lost, hooray! Assuming they can actually get Damon and Carlton in there to continue filming.)

The one bright side if all this carries on: A chance to catch up on all those shows I've been meaning to explore (not to mention movies, books, albums...). Dexter, I'm comin' for ya!