Your TV pick for Wednesdays remains Project Runway (10 p.m., Bravo). All others are secondary.

But if you want to go out for Thanksgiving Eve, let me be your guide:

So What Wednesdays is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a performance by Alive Artist to Watch The Catalyst and J Rawls. Blueprint hosts as usual. As you can see on the flier, this is going down at Cafe Bourbon Street and costs $2.

I'm no fan of zany local hip-hop duo Ocean Ghosts, but they seem to have a devoted following, and perhaps you'd like to join it tonight at Carabar, 115 Parsons.

Lastly, I try not to push my friends' stuff too much, but it seems worth mentioning that The Drowsy Lads, a young band peddling traditional Irish folk tunes, are recording a live album tonight at the Shamrock Club, 60 W. Castle St. on the South Side.

A plastic bag is floating outside my window, American Beauty style. I'm gonna take that as a cue to get out of here early and go see a movie. Again, happy Thanksgiving, y'all.