I've been roped into appearing at an event tonight at Skully's, 1151 N. High St., but at least it's the most entertaining live music option of the night. The Section Quartet performs string quartet renditions of popular indie rock songs, including a full take on Radiohead's OK Computer. They'll be doing two sets tonight (8 p.m. doors, $10 admission). At 9 p.m., they'll play material by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. Then, at 10, they'll be doing all of OK Computer, which is where I come in. I've been asked to read "Fitter, Happier". We'll see how that goes. A string quartet doing pop music isn't really an anomaly anymore, but this group sounds like they do it better than most.

On the tube, I had fallen behind on Weeds (10 p.m., Showtime) but have enjoyed catching up on the past few weeks' developments. Only two episodes remain, so tune in while you can.

Most networks are deep into sweeps, and the most enticing for a guy like me include:

•Chuck (8 p.m., NBC), which tonight features guest star Rachel Bilson of The OC fame. I haven't followed this show since the pilot, but Summer Roberts' return to the small screen (and to collaborating with Josh Schwartz) might be enough to get me to tune in. Then again, I never saw The Last Kiss, so maybe she doesn't have as much pull with me as I thought. Then again, did anybody see The Last Kiss?

•I don't think I've written about Aliens in America (8:30 p.m., CW)—probably because I haven't watched it—but the playful sitcom about Pakistani immigrants is on my radar screen. And with Fred Savage directing tonight's episode (the former child star also does lots of It's Always Sunny episodes), this could be their chance to hook me.

•The syndicated Seinfeld episodes this week (11:30 p.m., ABC) are counting down the top 10 fan favorites. Look out for "The Junior Mint", "The Puffy Shirt" and "The Soup Nazi" among others.

•Lastly, there's a documentary about extreme fantasy gamers (9:45 p.m., IFC) that ought to build up your self esteem just as much as I Love New York.