The TV strike is weirding me out, causing me to forget that not every entertainment I love—like touring rock bands—is picketing. For instance, the good Johns in They Might Be Giants play tonight at Newport Music Hall. I've never been a big fan, but if you have, all reports suggest the guys are spectacular entertainers, so you ought to check it out. Doors open at 8 p.m. for this $20 show, so I'm guessing opening act Oppenheimer begins at 9.

Or perhaps you'd rather stay home and watch the CMAs (8 p.m., ABC). As you might expect from a country awards ceremony, a lot of country stars are performing. As you might not expect, so is Jamie Foxx.

Or if you like doctors with "Mc" prefixes on their names, perhaps you'll enjoy Biography's Patrick Dempsey episode (10 p.m., Biography).

I'm not loving these Wednesday recommendations, but I'm getting tired of pimping Pushing Daisies (I'm finally getting sick from too much sugar) and Gossip Girl (hopefully this week they'll stop going in circles?).

Blech. The TV landscape is dire right now. And now this? I hate the strike.