Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara are the top music option tonight when they arrive at Newport Music Hall. The duo continues to build a fervent audience for its fierce, feminine alt-rock. (We had a story this week.) I get Northern State, the all-female New York rap trio, mixed up with Great Northern, the California pop band that caught a bad break last month when it headlined Skully's the same night Wilco was at the Wexner Center. The (novelty?) rappers are the ones opening tonight's show. Too bad for Great Northern. Doors open at 7, and tickets cost $20.

On TV, Heroes (9 p.m., NBC) is nearing the end of its fall run, which, considering the strike, might make next week's episode the season finale. I've fallen a couple weeks behind—save the world, again?—but the commercial featuring Hiro holding his sword to Peter's throat has me at least a little intrigued to see where this is going.

Also worth noting: Heidi Klum is guesting on How I Met Your Mother (8 p.m., CBS), a show I always intend to check out but never do.