Product placement found its place in Lithuania this week, as the “Amazing Race 12” contestants searched a village for the Travelocity gnome hidden among 100 real gnomes. Can’t… resist… urge… to book travel online…

The gnome rangers navigated a Fellini-esque festival -- complete with spooky puppets on stilts -- to find the Pit Stop in a village right out of the 16th century. Hippies TK and Rachel came out on top (they’re working really well together), and goths Kynt and Vyksin are back in contention with a close second-place finish.

This week: Burkina Faso to Lithuania

Biggest hurdle: Air France ticket agent who doesn’t speak English -- and who apparently lacks the ability to find empty seats on airplanes

Boy, you said it: “I’ve always wanted to go to Romania or Transylvania -- somewhere with a lot of spooky architecture.” --Kynt, rocking pink eye shadow on his way to Eastern Europe

Ouch, my hernia! Father/daughter team Ron and Christina are at it again, bitching and backbiting with every breath. Well, Ron is doing all the bitching. He takes nitpicking to championship levels, criticizing everything his daughter does. And now he won’t shut up about his hernia. At one point he moaned, “I don’t want my hernia to pop out!” Yeah, no one wants that.

It’s like a cliche, but real: Beautiful blondes Shana and Jennifer can’t drive! The duo was almost T-boned by a bus while trying to navigate the narrow cobblestone streets of Vilnius.

The Bickering Brigade: Shana and Jennifer started this leg of the race still disagreeing over their use of the U-Turn last week -- and the bickering escalated from there. At one point during the Detour they actually argued over who is a better counter. I would’ve hoped that they both mastered their counting skills in kindergarten, but apparently not.

Bu-Bye: Shana and Jennifer, your beloved spa treatments await you back home.