In the first episode of “Amazing Race 12,” Jennifer introduced her relationship with her boyfriend by explaining, “Nathan was unfaithful to me and he broke my heart.” By competing in “The Amazing Race” together, she continued, she hoped to find out if he’s now ready to make a real commitment to her.

Let me just interject here that if you are having problems in your relationship, if there are trust issues or commitment concerns, a reality TV show might not be the best place to work those out. “The Amazing Race” is not a recommended substitute for couples counseling.

Needless to say, Nathan and Jennifer’s bickering took center stage this week, with some real knock-down, drag-out arguments. The fighting peaked while they fruitlessly tried to row a small boat around the harbor in Dubrovnik. “I hate you! I hate you!” Jennifer screamed. “I’m never going to be with you again.”

Later, when the couple had trouble hailing a cab, Jennifer completely broke down bawling. “No it’s not OK,” she cried, “our relationship sucks.” When they arrived at the Pit Stop, in third place, they celebrated with a handshake.

This week: Lithuania to Croatia

Goth fashion accessory of the week: Hot-pink cowboy hats. Yee-haw!

Boy, you said it: “Croatia sounds like someplace gymnasts would come from or something.” --Rachel

The trouble with tickets: While trying to get out of the Vilnius airport, Azaria and Hendekea accidentally bought business-class tickets (instead of the economy seats required by game rules), and had to re-book. They missed their flight to Croatia, but it wasn’t an insurmountable setback; two other teams missed a connecting flight in Prague. Still, Azaria and Hendekea never got their gumption back.

Bu-Bye: Azaria and Hendekea, your fall from first to worst was pretty shocking. The brother-and-sister team finished in first place three times in the first five weeks, before being eliminated in week six.