Well, nevermind my picks. In my mid-season report card, I predicted that the final leg of “Amazing Race 12” would be a photo finish between goths Kynt and Vyksin and hippies TK and Rachel. But the culture clash will have to wait for another season -- the goths are hitting the road after finishing last this week.

Because they came in last place on the previous leg, Kynt and Vyksin were saddled with an extra task on this leg of the race -- a Speed Bump -- which turned out to be a yoga class. Relaxing! And time-consuming...

This week: Italy to India

Biggest hurdle: Pronouncing “Bharatgas Colaba Gas Service.” Say that 10 times fast. It's a gas, gas, gas!

Boy, you said it: “Any chance to see Vyksin twisting and contorting her body is always a highlight for me, and I think it was a highlight for the instructor as well.” --Kynt, at yoga class

Product placement I can get behind: When the racers arrived in Mumbai, they had to buy a Times of India and search the newspaper for their next clue -- hidden in an advertisement. Way to support newspapers, CBS!

On the job: Rachel of the copious coif owns a flower shop in real life. She aced this week’s Detour -- threading a flower garland for an Indian wedding.

Bu-Bye: Kynt and Vyksin, for real this time. We’ll miss your colorful locks and the unnecessary Y’s in your names.