“The Amazing Race 12” took a break last night to make room for the finale of a certain other reality show. With five teams left, I thought we’d take a look at the remaining competitors, and assess their chances of taking home the $1 million prize. This is my prediction for the final standings, in order, starting with my pick for the winners:

1. TK & Rachel Do not underestimate the hippies. They seem easygoing -- which can make them look less competitive, or less physical. But this laidback attitude can really help them keep things in perspective down the home stretch. (Just ask the surprise winners of “Amazing Race 9.”) TK and Rachel are working well together, and I think they’ll be able to keep it together as the pressure is ratcheted up. (Maybe with the winnings Rachel can treat herself to a nice haircut at a spa.)

2. Kynt & Vyxsin The goths are also working well together, and I think it will be a close finish between them and the hippies. So far their outlandish style hasn’t cost them (i.e., they don’t seem to have trouble finding a cab in foreign countries). In fact, no one seems to even notice the pink hair and painted-on eyebrows. As it often does, it could come down to which team hails the fastest cab driver, or gets the best directions from a friendly local, on the last leg of the race.

3. Ronald & Christina These two are not working well together, and ultimately it’s going to cost them. But they’re smart enough to get to the final three, and they’ve been making their own good luck through sheer tenacity. Ronald can’t seem to shut his trap, however -- he’s either complaining about his hernia (gross!) or second-guessing and nitpicking every single thing his poor daughter does. I don’t know how Christina puts up with it.

4. Nathan & Jennifer The world has watched this dating couple’s relationship implode during the last few legs of the race (can we now say they’re “formerly dating”?). That’s not gonna fly on “The Amazing Race.” There’s rarely any room for error on the last few legs -- teams have to work quickly and smoothly, and they have to make snap decisions effectively. Bickering and bawling meltdowns won’t earn you higher than fourth place.

5. Nicolas & Donald I don’t know how these guys are still racing, except for pure dumb luck. Dippy Nicolas actually looks more clueless than Grandpa Donald, but neither one of them seems to know where they are half the time. They are always making wrong turns -- every time they get out of a cab, or try to find a clue box, they head in the wrong direction. I predict that on the next leg of the race it will finally cost them.

Who do you think will be the first to reach the final Pit Stop? Let me know -- comment below.