List season persists!

Doug Elliott listed his favorite records of the year over at Donewaiting. It's a nice break from the typical blogger checkpoints with a slight skew toward more abrasive fare.

AV Club has also chimed in with its picks. (Individual writers' lists are here.)

Pitchfork continues its listmania with the top 50 music videos of the year.

NME put out its lists of the top 50 albums and singles.

Dusted is compiling end-of-year thoughts from its writers, releasing a couple new articles each day.

And 17 dots pits the top 20 sellers from iTunes against those from eMusic.

How does winning a dance competition qualify you to receive a record deal? I guess if you look as pretty and perky as Julianne Hough, any voice will do.

Then there's Val Kilmer's album.

Have the voices in your head told you about this creepy method of advertising? Meanwhile, AdWeek is having a tournament to determine the freakiest ad moments of 2007.

U.S. musicians are benefitting from the weakened dollar by touring overseas.


Okkervil River, whose album hasn't been popping up on as many year-end lists as I expected, has released a free covers EP at their website.

Does this stunt really require magic?

Status Ain't Hood knows hip-hop best, but sure, I'll read its take on Britpop.

Intensities In Ten Suburbs is doing something slightly different for its year-end extravaganza: Asking readers to vote on selections from this year's mass consciousness to be included in the "Pop Culture Hall of Fame." So far the nominees for movies and music.

Paste is also doing a readers' poll.

And to finish out this unbearably listy day, here are the worst duets ever.