John C. Reilly is touring as Dewey Cox in support of his new Walk the Line spoof, Walk Hard. It kicks off tomorrow at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Unfortunately, I don't think Jenna Fischer will be there as pictured above.)

I meant to link to this yesterday: Justin Riley of Terribly Empty Pockets and The Proper Nouns recently pointed out this article, which suggests Robert Johnson's original recordings were transferred 20 percent too fast. The entirety of rock 'n' roll could be based on an accident.

Check out this New York Magazine interview with Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, who you might know as Denzel Washington and Cuba Gooding Jr. from American Gangster. It's a month or so old, but it still makes a good read; it was conducted by Mark Jacobson, who wrote the original magazine story on which the movie was based.

Could this Sigur Ros video be a preview of Pitchfork's upcoming online TV content?

Morrissey has penned an op-ed for The Guardian to refute NME's claims that remarks he made in a recent interview were racist. The Guardian also ran the NME writer's preemptive explanation last week.

Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme has a beef of his own.

Watch with Kristin has a bunch of TV spoilers.

TV Guide has a preview of The Wire's Season 5 from none other than Andre Royo, aka Bubbles.

Nikki Finke continues to have lots of strike coverage.

Status Ain't Hood wonders why rappers keep quitting.

The second/outtakes disc of Radiohead's In Rainbows, available in the $80 "discbox" package, has leaked. Stereogum chimes in on the music therein.

What's this about fan clubs vs. artists?

Finally, the buzz video online today (or yesterday, anyway—damn 24-hour information cycle) is this video from Kid Sister. It's called "Pro Nails," it features Kanye West and it was produced for only $3,000. Enjoy!