The big news of the last 24 hours is the death of Pimp C, one half of Houston rap duo UGK. TMZ reported yesterday that he was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room. Few details have emerged so far, though police are suggesting he died of natural causes, whatever that means. Status Ain't Hood offers a heartfelt eulogy. The New York Times' Kelefa Sanneh chimes in as well.

Slate wonders if Alfred Hitchcock gets too much credit and explains how "Stairway" ruined Led Zeppelin.

Speaking of which, the latest news seems to indicate Zeppelin is NOT playing Bonnaroo.

The Village Voice talks with Ghostface about his new album and the new Wu-Tang.

Mini-strike section:

•The striking writers are "confident we are close to a deal," according to EW, but USA Today's outlook isn't so rosy.

•The networks are considering running their scripted programming throughout the summer once the strike ends, which would be way better than abbreviated seasons in my book.

•In the interim, networks may start using cable shows to fill time. CBS is even considering bringing Dexter to network TV, which doesn't seem like it would work given the graphic content.

•Meanwhile, The Watcher says TV execs are repeating the mistakes of the music industry.

As for TV shows that will be airing as scheduled, The Wire is still set to kick off its fifth season January 6. In advance, Amazon has three "prequel" videos (just scroll down ever so slightly).

List season continues with Q's top 50 albums of the year. And Idolator has begun a countdown of its 40 favorite songs of the year.

Another type of list: Forbes published its tally of the top-earning stars under 25.

Lil Wayne (he's coming here Saturday!) gave Complex a crazy interview, including some comments about Clipse that inspired this response from Pusha T.

American pop is waning in popularity abroad.

Universal has ordered its artists not to stream full songs on MySpace, limiting them to 90-second snippets in an attempt to drive sales.

New songs from The Breeders and Destroyer are online. Radiohead made a video for the incredible "Jigsaw Falling Into Place," but it's not much to speak of. And what's this? A new video from Hot Chip?