Thanks to Donewaiting for rounding up this photo.

I don't have a live music pick for tonight; Pollstar doesn't even have something awful on the slate. It's a silent night on that front.

However, one TV special will be bringing the rock to you anyway. Queens of the Stone Age will guest tonight on Anthony Bourdain's holiday edition of No Reservations (10 p.m., Travel). TV Guide sums it up:

There's nothing like celebrating the holidays with family, and that's exactly what Tony does. He heads up the Hudson River Valley in Connecticut to visit his brother's family, and, well what with being a world-famous chef and all agrees to prepare the Christmas meal. Mmmm... turkey, stuffing, eggnog, the Queens of the Stone Age... whoa. Wait a minute. QOTSA? Wow, there's no telling who'll show up for these Bourdain family get-togethers (actually, Anthony met singer Josh Homme in Berlin and the two got to talking, and one thing led to another).