You know, the local shows Skully's puts on in the early part of the week are kind of hit or miss, but I have to commend them for helping to keep local rock happening seven days a week. Tonight's slate is actually quite promising, with Pirate making another appearance with their experimental rock brethren Spinning Ghost. Bluesy rockers Hotel War round out the bill for this free show. Music should start around 10 p.m.

As for TV, EW has rounded up quite a bit of notable cable and network content. Whether it amounts to a TV wasteland is your call.

ABC and NBC are debuting short-run game shows tonight at 8. ABC's offering, Duel, pits 24 trivia contestants against each other for the chance to win $1.5 million. ESPN's Mike Greenberg hosts. Meanwhile, on NBC, the much-lamer Clash of the Choirs debuts. Nick Lachey is involved. Yeah.

Also at 8, HBO presents Hard as Nails, a documentary about a preacher who uses crucifixion reenactments to reach at-risk teens. An hour later, Starz has an anime documentary called Drawing a Revolution.

Travel Channel is presenting the first in a week-long series of pilots at 9 p.m.; viewers can vote as to which show should become part of the regular schedule. Tonight's entree is Hamburger Paradise.

And lastly, celebrating various degrees of nostalgia, E! presents The Soup Awards tonight at 10, and VH1's countdown of the top 100 songs of the 90s begins at 10 as well.