In the race for the final three -- the second-to-last leg of "The Amazing Race 12" -- TK and Rachel started three hours behind the other teams after finishing last the previous week. Fortunately for them, a classic “Amazing Race” tactic -- the old hurry-up-and-wait -- let them catch up quickly. All the teams had to wait three hours for a garden to open so they could get the week’s first clue.

TK and Rachel later had to complete a Speed Bump (running through a gauntlet of fireworks), but they caught up again at the train station where other teams where waiting for the next departure.

At least one person wasn’t pleased with their success: Jennifer, whose hatred for the hippies almost boiled over this week. “I want to rip those dreds right out of his head,” she said of TK. (Nicolas later added, “I really want to shave his beard off.”)

This week: Japan to Taiwan

International relations: "Jen and I know absolutely nothing about Taiwan, except we think Thai food is pretty good." --Nathan, who really likes to digest other cultures during his travels.

Tongue tied: Does Christina speak Chinese, too? Last week her command of Japanese helped her and Ronald zoom ahead of the other teams. This week, Christina got off the plane in Taiwan and immediately started chatting with the local cab drivers. Finally, a reality TV show in which it pays to be smart.

Boy, you said it: “On this leg of the race, we’re going to be aggressive. We’ve been playing the game like bitches so far, and so has everyone else. No competitors are left. It’s a bunch of pansies in the game.” --Nicolas, who apparently learned everything he knows about reality TV from Vince Lombardi

Bu-Bye: Nathan and Jennifer. After 10 weeks of constant bickering, you can finally agree on this: You’re going home.