The hippies are down, but not out. TK and Rachel finished last on the ninth leg of “Amazing Race 12,” but, thankfully, it was a non-elimination Pit Stop. They’ll be back next week, albeit with the extra hurdle of a Speed Bump challenge.

Normally strong competitors, the hippies made a classic “Amazing Race” mistake: They booked a flight that left first, but arrived later than the other teams’ flight. (TK and Rachel made two stops going from Mumbai to Osaka; the others’ had only one connection.) It set them behind more than three hours, but true to form, they kept an upbeat attitude and finished the leg with class. They’re still in this thing.

This week: India to Japan (yes, Magellan, that’s more than 4,000 miles)

Biggest hurdle: The competitors had to drive taxis through the congested, confusing streets of Osaka. Needless to say, all the signs are in Japanese.

Fashion forward: Real taxi drivers in Osaka all wear ties, white gloves and jaunty hats. They don’t always know where they’re going.

Language barrier: Perhaps more than any other destination this season, Japan proved to be a big problem for the English-as-a-first-language crowd. Christina, who said she studied Japanese in college, had a huge advantage; she was able to give taxi drivers instructions in their native tongue, and it helped her and Ron zoom into first place.

Boy, you said it: “Nick is quite strong. He carries my bag. I mean, he’s like a bitch for me. It’s perfect.” --Grandpa Donald, explaining the secret to his apparent success

You call this a vacation? For the second straight week, Rachel couldn’t leave her day job behind. The flower shop owner sniffed out another fragrant Detour, identifying a real flower among thousands of plastic bouquets in an Osaka shop -- using only her nose.