After four continents and 30,000 miles, “Amazing Race 12” came down to this: The final three teams.

TK and Rachel, the youngest and fittest remaining team, seemed to have the physical advantage going into the last leg (though TK noted, “I’ve seen Ron run like a ninja”). In fact, 69-year-old Grandpa Donald was the oldest contestant to make it to the finals of “Amazing Race,” while his grandson Nicolas was probably the goofiest.

But Ronald and Christina quickly reminded us why they were still in this thing. While waiting for their plane to leave Taipei, they snuck in the airline’s first-class lounge so they could get on the web check out their Anchorage itinerary. Smart.

This week: Taiwan to Alaska. That’s 4,500 miles, and yes, there’s a direct flight.

Biggest hurdle: Finding a cab driver who knows his way around Anchorage. This always seems to happen on the final leg: A lost cabbie costs a team precious time. From what I’ve seen on “Amazing Race,” every country in the world is suffering from a crisis of directionless drivers.

That would be a good band name: “The Nipping Crustaceans” (That’s Phil’s description of the live crabs contestants encountered in the Detour.)

Clue-less: In a move that was typical of the way they played the entire game, Nicolas and Grandpa Donald left their fishing gear in an Anchorage outfitter’s store (ignoring the clue to take it with them), and had to backtrack to retrieve it. Why didn’t their ineptitude cost them earlier in the race? Dumb luck, I guess. Really dumb.

Ice as nice: In one of the coolest challenges yet, the racers had to scale the face of a glacier, and once on top, they got a helicopter ride over the wilderness. Alaska is really gorgeous -- hopefully the racers got to spend some time there after crossing the finish line.

The winners! TK and Rachel. The hippies stayed calm under pressure, and kept their heads in the game, playing with class until the end. Plus, now that she’s got a million bucks in her pocket, Rachel can afford a nice haircut.

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