You'd think we'd learn our lesson. Every time we feature a local sports team on the cover of Alive, the team disappoints us -- usually by losing a championship game, or by failing to make the playoffs as expected.

So why did we put OSU on the cover last week, on the eve of their second straight National Championship appearance? Were we dooming the Buckeyes to failure? (In case you spent last night in a cave, our beloved Bucks lost a tough one to the hated Tigers of Louisiana State.)

The thing is, we didn't put the Buckeyes on the cover. We featured a voodoo doll (cleverly crafted by Michaela Schuett) which we hoped would hex LSU. But instead of reversing the curse, our botched black magic apparently reversed a reverse curse. The double-voodoo came back to bite the Bucks in the backside. Sorry about that. I guess in the future we'll keep our hexes to ourselves.

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