TV Guide has an interview with Tracy Morgan about a year that he most definitely doesn't want to take behind the middle school and impregnate, 2007.

The RIAA still believes MP3s are a crime...

Will Ferrell chimed in at Funny or Die with takes on Juno and Iggy.

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is recording a new album with noise-punk legends Flipper.

Donewaiting reports that Trap House is a cool new venue for house shows.

I could get behind Ice Cube as Mr. T.

I'm always up for a lil Lil Wayne linkage.

Dimebag Darrell's widow blames former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo for her husband's death at Columbus' Alrosa four years ago.

Good to see Amy Ryan (aka The Wire's Beadie Russell) getting more attention after her turn in Gone, Baby, Gone.

And finally, to keep up my daily Wire overload, this video compiles the first four seasons of the show into four minutes.